19 – 20 February 2024 – Made in TÜRKİYE
21 – 22 February 2024 – Made in GLOBAL

The 13th International Exhibition of Fabrics and Accessories for Garment Production Textile Salon will be held in Moscow City, Afimall, on the 5th and 6th floors during 2 flows:

  • 19 – 20 February 2024 – Made in TÜRKİYE (factories from Türkiye)
  • 21 – 22 February 2024 – Made in GLOBAL (factories from Türkiye, Europe)

About 200 factories from 10 countries will present new collections of fabrics and accessories for garment production.
Within the framework of the exhibition, an intense business program will be held where fashion industry experts share their knowledge and experience with exhibition visitors. Duration of business program is 4 days embracing 20 topical presentations.

The most significant exhibitions of the fashion industry

The most significant exhibitions of the fashion industry
A business session of the largest specialized exhibitions in Russia will be held on 19 – 22 February 2024 in Moscow City (Afimall) and Expocentre. The business events will include all areas of the textile and fashion industry:

  • TEXTILE SALON – fabrics and accessories for garment production (organizer – Expo Fashion)
  • CPM and Dreams by CPM – clothes, lingerie and swimwear (organizer – EXPO FUSION, LLC)
  • Euro Shoes Premiere Collection – shoes, bags and accessories; leather and fur; completing items (organizer – Global Shoes, LLC)

The largest business exhibitions in their segments will expand opportunities for all exhibitors and visitors. There will be all regions of Russia, members of the EAEU, Asian and European countries exposed here. A full cycle from fabrics for garment production to ready-made clothes, underwear, shoes and accessories for the Russian market will be presented at neighboring venues in Moscow City.

The previous exhibition was successfully held in February 2023 in Moscow City. The record number of visitors was registered in amount of  7428 specialists. At the same time, the exhibitors noted the high quality level of business visitors of the exhibition and their interest in bulk purchases.
186 factories from 10 countries  presented new collections of fabrics and accessories for garment production. Within the framework of the exhibition, an intense business program had a significant response among the visitors of the exhibition due to the relevance of the covered topics and the interest of the professional community.


Twice a year, Textile Salon brings together fashion specialists interested in high-quality fabrics for garment production and manufacturers of fabrics and accessories at one point.


Within the framework of the Textile Salon exhibition, there is a great business program for industry professionals. Particular attention is paid to practical recommendations for organizing production as well as trends and tendencies forecasting in the actual situation.
Деловая программа


Moscow City, Afimall, the 5th  floor (the Hall C near the entrance N1),  and 6th floor (Halls A and B)

Venue: Moscow City, Afimall, the 5th floor (the Hall C near the entrance N1),  and 6th floor (Halls A and B)

Vistavocnaya metro station – exit N 4 to the Expocentre. Without going outside through the 2nd floor of the Afimall shopping center to the central atrium, then take a lift to the 5th floor (Hall “C”) and go up the escalator to the 6th floor (Halls “A” and “B”)

Opening hours:

19 February: 11:00 – 19:00
20 February: 10:00 – 19:00

21 February: 11:00 – 19:00
22 February: 10:00 – 19:00


manufacturers interested in HIGH-QUALITY FABRICS

meetings with manufacturers IN COMFORTABLE BUSINESS FORMAT

VENUE prestigious venue in the center of business activity – Moscow City

CONVENIENT TERMS of writing orders, when clothes producers form orders for next season’s collections

advantages of Textile Salon


Thanks to the Textile Salon exhibition, we can reach a large audience of customers. This is the place where we are able to meet clients that we can not meet in person. Also, here we meet new potential clients.
İrfan Can


The 12th exhibition in a row makes us more successful and more contactable. Thanks to this exhibition, we are finding more and more new clients here. We are thriving and growing, so many thanks to the organizers of the exhibition. Our Russian clients always look at our collection with great reverence and delight and place orders.
Natalya Rozhenina


We are participating in the Textile Salon exhibition for the first time. The impressions are indelible. There are already a lot of visitors during the first two hours. Our task is to enter the Russian market with the presentation of our wonderful fabrics. There is a huge customer passage at our stand today.
Luiziana Chima


The Textile Salon exhibition is of great importance for us in terms of the Russian market.
İbrahim Acar


This year we took part in the Textile Salon exhibition in Moscow for the first time. I sincerely think it was worth it. There is a lot of interest from the visitors. The exhibition is very intense. Today we have been participating for the third day and I would be lying if I said that we still have some business cards.
Atilla Altun


This is not the first time we have our exposition at Textile Salon. Thank you very much for organizing this event, because each new exhibition gives us some new horizons for our development. It is necessary to note the organization of the event is done at the highest level. Starting from our arrival and the stand design, ending with all the moments that are associated with the reception of both exhibitors and our visitors.​
Svetlana Poluyahtova




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