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Feedback (February 2020)

“It’s our first participation in Textile Salon and we are displaying three collections here from France, UK and Belgium. We are satisfied with the organization and we have good clients which have been able to focus on our fabrics. It was clever to separate these two days for European suppliers and the next two days for Turkish suppliers that helped the clients greatly to focus on price and everything else. It’s a good event and we shall come back!”

Olivier Pelleray


“It was so crowded at our stand that we could hardly have time to meet every customer. Our factory is exclusive, goods are expensive, but we have professional customers are coming to our stand and we are dedicated to achieve excellent results.”

Larisa Kamenskaya


​“It was long ago when at the exhibition stands it was as crowded as it was at the Textile Salon. The organizers managed to create the best industry exhibition in the country. There’s nothing to compare with. This is a new level, a new format. We have been participating in all industry exhibitions for 20 years and we had created our own exhibitions. However, Textile Salon has excelled everything. Especially when it comes to friendly service for exhibitors and visitors. Everything is conveniently and efficiently here!”

Angelica Bezrodnaya


“I would like to express my admiration for the service provided! Everything was on a high level! It was not in vain that I came from Yekaterinburg and found suppliers and had a great time!”

Svetlana Molokova


“It is the fifth time we are participating in Textile Salon. We have been participating in this exhibition since the first day. This is well-organized exhibition in our industry.”

Elena Sluchevskaya

BGT Tekstil

“Everything is perfectly organized. It is comfortable to work. We definitely will come back. We are very delighted that there is such a great exhibition and it is developing. It helps to create new partnership relations.”

Irina Boch


“We are glad to be here. We have only positive reviews. Customers make us happy here as we make direct contacts with them. The organization is on a good level.”

Selal Senturk


“The exhibition was very effective! Fatigue from a large flow of visitors and overall satisfaction is exactly what, in my opinion, an exhibitor should feel. Massive thanks to the team of organizers for work, professionalism, openness, correctness and assistance in preparation of the stand. Nowadays you are the best! My clients really appreciated your organization technique.”

Larisa Gudova


“We are very pleased with this exhibition. It is the first time we are participating. The number of visitors is great. The organizations itself has a WOW effect! We are completely sure to take part in the next exhibition.”

Viviana Vannucci


“We are representatives of suppliers from Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey and we would like to say that the organization of the exhibition was above all praise. There were many target customers, professional clients and we are pleased to note that their interest is increasing.”

Nadezhda Dronova


“The exhibition goes much better than we expected.”

Yasin Sartik


“Textile Salon has done the things that were impossible to do by Premier Vision in Russia 🙂 It is necessary to say that middle and high segment fabrics are in demand in Russia. Bravo!”

Gulnara Babich


“Thank you very much for organization of the exhibition! Everything is on a high level!”

Irina Ushakova


Feedback (September 2019)

«Organizers take our suggestions into account. This exhibition has been moved to the higher level».

Maria Anikina


«The nice location combined with a very well organization makes this exhibition the place where companies may find customers in the middle and high target market of the textile industry».

Massimo Massai

Bottonificio La Perla

«We are happy to be here as we got everything we want. Customers may found here everything they want.»

Ahmet Altinöz


«The exhibition is specialized which attracts qualified customers as they know what exactly they need».

Yuriy Pozdnyakov



«A well-organized exhibition is the key to fruitful and productive cooperation. Textile Salon is an elite club of creative people who love their job. Many thanks to the organizers for creating an incredible mixture of business atmosphere and home comfort. Service of the organizing team is perfect».

Elena Sluchevskaya

BGT Tekstil

«We are taking part at Textile Salon exhibition for the third time. We are very delighted with the organization’s high standards. Results of our work are amazing! We are meeting new clients here and we are going to work with them after the exhibition».

Mariya Kulakova


«The best exhibition for fabric producers in Moscow!»

Marco Balli



«From year to year, Textile Salon becomes a brand associated with quality, a high level of organization, and an excellent audience both from the participants and visitors. Bravo, Textile Salon!»

Dmitriy Zozulya

Optim Cargo


«Clients are attending the exposition who heard about us but they had no opportunity to meet us as we had been taking part at the exhibitions in Italy and Paris.»

Mihail Chernov


“Finally we found an exhibition where it is pleasant, convenient, useful and where it is absolutely necessary to participate! Visitors are all familiar with the topic, there are no unprofessional visitors! The organization is at the highest level”

Nataliya Guseva

Free Style

«Organization of this exhibition is at a very high level. It is very convenient to work here. It is a pleasure to have such an exhibition venue».

Igor Mityaev

Textile Nika Agency

Feedback (February 2019)

“Both myself and my Italian partners have got a very favorable impression from the scale and format of Textile Salon exhibition. At present, this is the best-in-class exhibition in Russia from the professional and organizational standpoint.”

Natalia Rozhenina


“Very professionally organized exhibition. Highly targeted visitor profile of the exhibition. Once again we were very satisfied with results. Looking forward to the next exhibition in September.”

Saadet Isyapar


“We are happy to be here. We think that this is yet another positive step forward because the location is even nicer than the previous one. The service, including the catering, and everything which is necessary for us to be successful in our work is in place. Thank you.”

Umberto Paccotto

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti

“Everything was excellent. We strongly recommend this exhibition.”

Evren Yamaner


“I would like to express my deep gratitude! As a visitor, I’ve been impressed by the Textile Salon exhibition. The organizational level is really high.”

Konstantin Tomashevsky


“A very positive, friendly atmosphere, a large number of clients that is still growing, and the number of exhibitors is also continuously increasing.”

Anastasia Volchkova


“Key and regional clients have visited us, who we could not reach earlier. Excellent event organization, thought up to the smallest detail. Comfortable working conditions, good location. Only advantages. Thanks.”

Svetlana Pronina


“Our company highly recommends participating in the Textile Salon exhibition. This is the best opportunity to find new partners and customers at the Russian market. We are going to be back next year!”

Paulina Kornacka


“Thank you so much for excellent organization, a creative approach and the clients that were invited.”

Galina Bubnova


“Excellent organization. Comfortable atmosphere. Competent advertising support.”

Olesya Belan


“Many thanks and our deepest gratitude. Everything was organized very well.”

Aksinya Smirnova


“A very high level of the organizers work in terms of client attraction. Both ourselves and our clients believe that there is no other exhibition of this scale in Russia.”

Maria Anikina


“It’s the first time I have taken part in the exhibition but I was a visitor at two previous events. I like the organizational aspect. It is great when you feel that there is a team of organizers behind the scenes always ready to help. The impression is very positive. I feel at home here.”

Larisa Gudova

INTERCON di L.Gudova

“Thank you for excellent organization. It is a modern and productive exhibition.”

Maria Kulakova


“Gallus SpA has participated in Textile Salon from the very beginning. This was the 3rd edition. Textile Salon has become a “fix” event and is already very well established.”

Hans Borrmann


“We’ve appreciated the exhibition organizational level, professional arrangement and comfortable conditions for the exhibitors. It has been a pleasant surprise to us! Everything was top notch. ”

Elena Dukhovnyak


“A great exhibition, a great venue, a great organizational level!! Wonderful French prints, excellent hand-made accessories from Italy, beautiful Italian fabrics, everything was at the highest level! Thanks!”

Lyudmila Balandina


Feedback (September 2018)

«We are so glad that it is possible to organize exactly this kind of exhibition – so chamber like, so Italian, of such a luxury level. Here everybody feels like members of the same club. The working environment is very comfortable. All our clients and fabric
suppliers can show and watch the collections in a friendly and qualitative atmosphere»

Natalia Karyukhina,

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti и Lanificio TG di Fabio

«Speaking of many visitors we would like to THANK the organizers of Textile Salon for the fantastically high level of the exhibition, warmth, friendliness and professionalism at the world level. You are great! Thank you!»

Igor Dolzhenko


«Many thanks to the organizers of the exhibition for the wonderful atmosphere. This working format inspires creative communication! The exhibitors and our favorite customers felt very comfortable, like at home. A convenient place, excellent advertising support, wonderfully organized coffee breaks – what could be better for productive work?!» 

Vagif Samedov


«It seems to be a very, very good day. The organization is simply perfect and I can only recommend to everybody to participate in
this exhibition»

Hans Borrmann

GALLUS s.p.a.

«Everything is super!!!»

Bahruz Mammadov


«The exhibition is organized very well and is marked by a high degree of
professionalism of the organizer, which affects the quality of the visitors. This is a professional public, who is ready to work with the new fabric collections. We have been in this market for nearly 25 years and
it is a pleasant surprise for us that there are some garment manufactures that we wouldn’t know without this exhibition. For this – many thanks to the organizers»

Nadezhda Dronova


«The exhibition is well organized: a working format of the salon, meetings with factories in a comfortable business atmosphere, target audience, a great number of visitors. Many thanks to the organizers!»

Julia Botik


«Especially I would like to mention the perfect organization of the event and the quality of the participants. Many thanks to the organizers for the attentive attitude and support. Everything from informing and inviting the visitors to coffee-breaks was on the top level – with elegance and taste»

Larisa Kamenskaya

Luigi Botto

«A great exhibition for the professionals!»

Nina Velichko


«We are very satisfied with the quality of the visitors, the exhibition atmosphere. Here we meet our old clients and find new ones».

Saadet Isyapar


«We are very glad to participate once again in Textile Salon. It is pleasant to mention that the exhibition is growing each time. More and more participants, more and more visitors».

Konstantin Razumeytsev


«The exhibition is wonderful! I have not seen this for a long time».

Olga Mikhaylenko


«The exhibition is well organized, we are going to participate in this event and we will look for the new clients with Textile Salon exhibition. Thanks»

Alexander Platon


«We are now returning to the Russian market in order to increase our sales and to improve our presence in Russia. We are producing luxury goods and we are happy to come here to propose the best article we have in the market».

Mario Bullio

Luigi Botto

«Many thanks for the great organization!!! Polite staff is always ready to help! Cozy hall! Delicious food . Remain always at the
same high level!!!»

Natalia Alimova


Feedback (February 2018)

«We would like to spend a couple of words complimenting the location, the overall style of the exhibition and a big improvement. It is important, when we come with beautiful fabrics and collections to Russia, they have to be displayed in a proper environment. I think this is the best environment so far we have had in Russia».

Umberto Paccotto

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti

«We express our gratitude to the organizers of Textile Salon that they have managed to present a quite new format in the history of textile exhibitions. Our market lack more private, more B2B communication with the clients, especially those who display rather expensive fabrics. This format is very convenient to communicate with the clients in a proper business environment, pleasant conditions and with a good service».

Elina Dombrovskaya

Ellital Project

«Everything was professional! The visitors are competent and experiencеd».

Ivan Teslenko


«It is an ideal place for customers and suppliers. The organizers have managed to attract the target audience that perfectly meets the needs of the exhibitors».

Olga Stepantseva


«The exhibition is great and very productive».

Elena Shipilova

fashion house Elena Shipilova

«The format of the exhibition is very convenient. Italian fabrics and design are of great demand. Customers are interested in new developments and fabrics. We really need such an exhibition».

Maria Anikina


«This is a great way to show our collection. We have a lot of clients and we are pleased to find this opportunity to meet the customers, colleagues and to be at the top of all the latest news in textile business».

Aya Alieva


«It was very comfortable to work at Textile Salon exhibition. Chamber like interior and the level correspond to the European standards».

Natalia Karuhina


«The format of the salon is really working. We have the target audience here. The visitors know what they need and why they have come. We are quite satisfied! We thank the organizers!»

Nina Velichko


«Thank you for the organization of the exhibition Textile Salon. I would like to point out the proper support of the visitors. I am impressed by the individual informing in all the spheres. Not every organizer can boast such an attitude to the event».

Alexander Bonachev

honored worker of Russian textile and light industry

«I suggest to everybody to participate as a customer and as a supplier because we have a lot of people and nice results. I feel the future. We have planned to participate in the next exhibition».

Dario Alessandria


We had a lot of pleasant unexpected little things. The whole organization is on the high level”.

Alexandr Platon


«The exhibition was well organized and meet our expectation».

Fabrizio Formica


«The event was held on the high level. The organizers of the exhibition have done a huge informatory work to attract visitors from different Russian regions and CIS countries. The format is very convenient, comfortable and leads to resultative communication between exhibitors and visitor».

Saadet Isyapar


«It was very beneficial to understand expectation of Russian textile market».

Basar Keskin